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We offer alarm system for flats with and without subscription, depending on whether you want the be connected to a alarm control center. All packages include installation and optional remote control through app.

Alarm for your flat

We have put together two alarm system packages which can secure your apartment against intruders, giving you extra peace of mind.

Our alarm system can inform you via the app and SMS of various events in your home. This could be in the case of a burglary or that your child has come home from school and deactivated the alarm.

You can choose whether you want your alarm connected to a control center. Then it’s not just you, your neighbors and immediate family who looks your home. If the control center recieves an alarm signal from your home, they can both investigate why the alarm has gone, and send a security guard.

Alarm package flat #1
2.495 kr.
  • Central terminal with siren and display
  • 2 door sensors (for front and rear door)
  • Basta Security alarm signs
  • App for easy operation *
  • Installation
Alarm package flat #2
2.495 kr.
  • Central terminal with siren and display
  • 1 door sensor
  • 1 room sensor
  • Basta Security alarm signs
  • App for easy operation *
  • Installation

* You can use the wireless network or sim card to send messages to your mobile. Price for simcard 50 kr. Per. / Month.

Basta Sikring make resevations for price changes, typing errors and incorrect information.