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When you choose an alarm system without subscription it means that you have no monthly charges.

What to you get with a security alarm without subscription?

At BASTA Security you get a safe alarm system that can secure your home against burglary. You can choose to compose your alarm system to fit your exact needs. If you have internet at home, the alarm system is armed via LAN or WiFi (optional) so it is possible to operate the system via mobile app. You will then not need have a SIM card in your system to send messages to your mobile, which otherwise has a monthly charge.

We have put together some security alarm packages to suit apartment or house. Find out what you get with the package and price:

Alarm for your flat »

Alarm for your house »

It is possible to add eksta parts for all security alarm packets, such as multiple door / window switches and sensors.

Checking your alarm system with app

If you have connected the alarm system to the Internet, you can remote control it and receive messages about various events in your home. Depending on the sensors you have installed, you can, for example, receive photos, message about smoke or water damage.

In case of alarm you can via the app choose a neighbor or a close family member to get a message so they can carry out a sighting of your home.

Burglar alarm without subscription for your holiday home, caravan or allotment

An alarm system for your holiday home can reduce the risk of burglary. A siren from an alarm in a quiet area will scare most burglars away. You can secure your home with door and window contacts. If a contact is broken the alarm will sound.

If you have internet in your holiday home the alarm can be be connected so you via the mobile app can receive a notification if it is enabled. If you do not have Internet, you can buy a SIM card.

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