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Basta Sikring klistermærke

Neighbor watch is an effective supplement to your alarm system. With a neighbor watch scheme your network will know when you are away. So you can be at ease on your holiday  knowing that they will look after your home.

BASTA Security gives you the technology so you can easily set up a network of neighborhood helpers. When the alarm goes off, the alarm signal will be sent to your network so they can make an observation of your home.

BASTA Security gives you badges which you can place on your property showing the granting of neighborhood watch in your area.

How does neighbor watch work?

If your alarm goes off when you are not home, will you and your neighbors or close living family immediately receive a message via app or SMS. You can store the different phone numbers in the alarm. Often you are the first contact to receive a notification, then your neighbor, then your neighbor across the street and so on. This way you are sure that there is always someone nearby who can make a quick observation.