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An on-call service can free up police for other duties

Security User has just written an interesting article that guards can release 1,000 police officers to crime-fighting tasks.

The security industry believes that security companies can provide more police on the street, because the police are engaged in a variety of tasks that do not require a trained police officer. These are tasks which detainees driving, manning of traffic control cars and routine passport checks.

Guards can thus assist the police in solving some of the tasks that are not their core tasks and police demanding as such.

The same applies if your alarm system is connected to a control center. If the alarm sounds the control central gets a message and you receive an SMS. The control terminal can send the closest guard to your residence to investigate whether there has been a burglary. If it is a false alarm, you will not have involved the police, but if there has been a burglary the guard can contact the police.

The security industry also believes that security firms are more effective than the police and cheaper to run.